what was left on the table we will never know, but today, we will pretend we know
I've never ate black-eye-peas on new years day and life has always been good.

December 2022

Grab a glass of bubbles and let's toast for J-Day

November 2022

i'm over here just trying to keep up with life
popular restaurants from the 90s + my digital bookshelf is here!

October 2022

Food from East Africa, nerding out, and being Foolish
Undocumented moments of the 90s and food from the bottom of the map

September 2022

Living my best end of summer hot mom life this week 🍹
Happy hour drinks, unseasoned meat, and peanut butter pretzels
These peanut butter pretzels were the death of me

August 2022

Take that, Take that.