hey friend HEY! i’m Jemia

the creator of Monday Lunch.

i’ve dreaded the monday blues for years while working in corporate america for the man. now, as an entrepreneur, i am bringing back the fun to Mondays. 

i describe myself as a witty creative writer with heavy doses of inappropriate behavior; isn’t that what we all need right before lunch on mondays?!

why subscribe to Monday Lunch?

remember when e-mail FIRST dropped?

the You’ve Got Mail sound would send excitement waves through my pre-teen body. now emails are full of work, scammers, and boutique sales, I do love a good sale.

let’s ditch our usual email habits and bask in feel-good moments at the start of your week.

whether you had a bomb AF weekend or a lazy one, who wants to return to monday? most folks clock watch, waiting for an hour to spend with themselves, only to repeat it all over again. and that’s only if you decided to take a lunch break; a lot of people don’t even bother with it anymore.

and for those reasons, Monday Lunch is here to save YOUR day.

i’m ready to reserve my seat

wait! how many mondays do we lunch?

chiiilllleeeee i don’t know. seriously.

see, we used to have lunch on the 1st & 3rd monday of every month, and then I had a baby.

now I show up on random mondays. your email is already crowed, and i don’t want to add to it.

what do we talk about at lunch? 

Monday Lunch is about 90s & early 00s nostalgia.

i will take you on a nostalgic and sometimes emotional rollercoaster of memories from a time that will never be duplicated or matched no matter how many remakes or samples happen.

sometimes i also include tales of motherhood, dating nightmares, and life updates. but lunch with me is mainly about what was happening in our world and society between 1990 - 2010.

when you pull up to lunch (also known as opening your email), my goal is to make you laugh, reminisce, see/hear yourself as you read my words, and catch major vibes. making you hungry, craving your next lunch date with me.

but there are enough discussion and thought-provoking moments to keep you occupied until we meet again. it’s all about the hyperlinks. always click the hyperlinks.

you talk about books too?

i do! in a special section called bookish!

if you like connecting with other book people, check out the bookish tab. always located at the top of monday lunch!

i’m on bookstagram too!

submit your RSVP now… 👇🏽

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for the lovers of the 90s and early 00s. come have lunch with me ...no pressure. p.s. i also talk books!


I write about 90s/00 nostalgia and all things books!