Nice to meet you. I’m Jemia! 

The creator of Monday Lunch.

I’ve dreaded the Monday blues for years while working in corporate America. Now, as an entrepreneur, I am bringing back the fun to Mondays. 

As a writer, creator, and curator, I send my funny, class, and inappropriate behavior to your inbox twice a month. 

Why subscribe to Monday Lunch?

Remember when e-mail FIRST dropped? The You’ve Got Mail sound would send excitement waves through my pre-teen body. Now emails are full of work, scammers, and boutique sales, I do love a good sale.

Let’s ditch our usual email habits and bask in feel-good moments at the start of your week.

Why Mondays?

Whether you had a bomb AF weekend or a lazy one, who wants to return to Monday? Most clock watch, waiting for an hour to spend with themselves, only to repeat it all over again.

Most people don’t take lunch breaks anymore, especially if you are at the top calling shots or an entrepreneur. Then your response is “What is Lunch, for 1000 Alex”.

Monday Lunch is here to save the day. I’m bringing YOU time back. Grab your lunch, open your email, sit down, and enjoy some time with me. Monday Lunch is delivered at 11:30a ET on the 1st & 3rd Monday every month. Breakfast for the west coasters.

Wait! We only lunch on the 1st Monday?

Well kind of. See we used to have lunch on the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month, and then I had a kid which then left me cramped for time. So now I show up every 1st Monday, and you might see me on another random Monday that month; or not.

Your email already crowed, and I don’t want to add to it.

Quick skims are not what having lunch with me is about. Having lunch with me requires focus + dedication. 

Monday Lunch topics are meant to keep you thinking, vibing, and eating until we have lunch again. There are enough discussion and thought-provoking moments to keep you occupied until we meet again. It’s all about the hyperlinks. Always click the hyperlinks.

What do we talk about at Lunch? 

Monday Lunch is about laughter, 90s & early 00s nostalgia, salacious storytelling, tales of motherhood, dating nightmares, and most importantly FOOD! I love food. Food is my love language. 

Each volume will contain a few categories for us to discuss together. 

How do we discuss over email? So glad you asked. 

As you read, interactions will come naturally. Topics will make you laugh, think, reminisce, or fire you up. 

  • “Talk” or react to your phone or computer.

  • Respond to the email with your thoughts or answers to my posed questions. 

  • Like or comment directly [great special feature]

  • Interact with our Instagram page

If you agree or disagree, I still want to hear from you. 

My goal is to have a connection with you while reading. And let’s be honest, some of y’all will be reading this for Monday Dinner, Tuesday Coffee, Wednesday Happy Hour, etc.. you get the picture

Remember, this is lunch, so expect to be here for at least 15 minutes. 😉

Are there recipes?

It’s lunchtime; we’ve got to eat. 

Pre-2023 I used nothing but food titles, now I share my favorite eats at the beginning or end of each lunch. Some recipes I’ve [my husband] personally made.

You might read about my favorite drink/snack, a wonderful restaurant, or something tasty that goes with the theme of the week.

My love for food is inevitable and I want to share some of my favorite meals and treats with you. If you try one of the recipes shared, comment or reply to the email and let me know. Even if it’s months later. 

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I write about 90s/00 nostalgia, share my favorite foods, drinks & snacks, and have too much fun telling salacious dating stories from a previous life. Have lunch 2x a month with me!